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Biogeochemical Climate Modeler (Associate or Full Professor Level)

Recruitment Period

Open October 27th, 2013 through June 30th, 2014


The Department of Earth Sciences invites applications at the Assistant, Associate and Full Professor levels in the field of biogeochemical modeling. The successful candidate will lead an independent and innovative research program exploring the interactions and feedbacks among physical and biogeochemical processes under past, present, and future climates. A Ph.D. in a related field and a proven ability to conduct innovative research are required. Preference will be given to those who tie complex biogeochemical systems across wide-ranging spatial scales to changing climate and ecosystems. Applicants should have demonstrated skills in numerical approaches/modeling working in terrestrial, marine, or non-marine aquatic environments. All time scales of interest and model approaches are welcome, but those working with or prioritizing questions relevant on global scales and lying in deep time are particularly encouraged to apply.

The successful candidate will be expected to engage fully in the teaching mission of the department and the college, including formal classroom instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels and mentoring of baccalaureate, MS, and PhD students. Teaching responsibilities will include undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of specialty and within the context of the department’s mission of international leadership in studies of climate and its relationship with the evolving atmosphere, ocean, and life.

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3-5 references required (contact information only)