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Cenozoic Climatic and Environmental Change (Assistant Professor level)

Recruitment Period

Open October 27th, 2013 through June 30th, 2014


The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of California, Riverside, invites applications for a faculty position in High Resolution Records of Cenozoic Climatic and Environmental Change (broadly defined) at the Assistant Professor level, available from July 1, 2014.

The successful candidate for this tenure track Assistant Professorship will lead an independent, strong, and innovative program exploring records of past climate change and their cause-and-effect relationships with the co-evolution of life and the environment. The focus will be on understanding the drivers and manifestations of global climate change from the perspective of better understanding Earth’s climatic history through the Cenozoic Era and its value as a window to the processes and impacts of ongoing and future climate trends.

The research should build on the department’s long history of strength in biogeochemistry, paleontology, geobiology, quantitative stratigraphy, and climate modeling and ideally will interface with the many allied fields of expertise on campus. The candidate should prioritize the documentation and interpretation of novel past climatic records, and the desired expertise includes, but is not limited to, a geochemist/climatologist who studies high-resolution records of Cenozoic climate change spanning time scales from decades up to tens of millions of years, including archives on land, lakes and/or in the ocean.

The successful candidate will become fully engaged in the teaching mission of the department and the college. This will include undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of specialty and within the context of the department’s mission of international leadership in studies of past climate and its relationship with the evolving atmosphere, ocean, and life.

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3-5 references required (contact information only)